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New Year, New Home

Have you ever had a dream that you held onto for decades and then at some point all the pieces fell into place for that dream to become a reality? That is exactly what happened for my husband and I this last year. In the months since I last posted, we sold our home in the suburbs and purchased a home on a small piece of property in a neighboring community. If you would have told me at the beginning of 2020 that we were going to make this move, I would have never believed you...but I probably wouldn't have believed anyone about a worldwide pandemic either. So, go figure. 

Brandon and I have always wanted to own a home on property. And we had been talking about and saving toward buying property in the near future. Our boys are both in high school now, and we thought that when they moved off to college he and I would look for property then. We didn't want to unnecessarily uproot them from their schools and friends and so we figured we would just wait a few more years. But 2020 threw us all a curveball, didn't it? 

With months of lockdowns in Washington state, our boys were both attending school remotely. My husband's work schedule and travel changed drastically. Add to that both boys were now able to drive themselves to where they needed to go (granted that has not been many places this year). And there was the added bonus that interest rates were at record lows and homes in our area were selling quite quickly. Brandon and I realized that we no longer had to wait for "the right time" to make the move. 2020 was the right time. 

In late July we decided we would begin the process of getting our current home ready for market and start looking to see what was out there. We had a wish list of things we wanted in a home and property and thought that it would take awhile to find what we were looking for in our future home. We didn't even tell many of our friends and family what we were up to because we thought this process would take months. Honestly, we loved our current home so much that everything in a new place would have to be pretty spot on for us to take the leap.

I guess I should not have been surprised then when we found our new home in a month. I happened to see the listing pop up on Zillow one morning in August and took my learning-to-drive-son out for a drive by that afternoon. As soon as we came up to the house, I knew it was "the one." I sent a link of the listing to Brandon and called our realtor to set up a viewing appointment. The next day we were scheduled to see it. When Brandon pulled up the driveway, he said, "We can just write up an offer right now. I don't even need to see it" (of course we did go inside). 

How could he say that? A little over twenty years ago, Brandon and I owned 2.5 acres in the greater Seattle area, and we had plans to build a home on the property. An across state move and a baby on the way prompted the sale of that property. The home we were standing in front that sunny afternoon in August also sat on 2.5 acres and happened to be almost identical to the home we were looking to build all those years ago. Our many years of dreaming, saving, planning had come full circle.

We submitted an offer that evening and worked even harder to get our home on the market. By the tail end of September, we were moved into our new home and our old home had an offer on it. All the pieces had fallen into place. 

There have been many moments over the last few months where I find myself still in a state of unbelief that we have found this home, this property...that we are finally living in the country. It doesn't seem real that our daydream is happening now and not in the future. I feel so blessed to have this space. I look forward to the new dreams we can build here. The things we can grow. The animals we can raise. The family gatherings we can host. I look forward to spending the next decades here with Brandon as we enter a new phase of our life together.  

So, I hope you will join me as we build our next phase of life on this land. We've been spending the winter watching the land. Seeing how the sun moves across the property and determining best where to place our garden. Discovering the deer, rabbits and birds that cross through and scheming how to enjoy them but also keep them from eating our future food. Walking around the property and envisioning a future shop/barn area, an area for an orchard, a pasture for some animals. It's all quite exciting!

Happy New Year!

~ Family photo taken by Katie Roskam


  1. Oh, Bekah! I was delighted to see this post this evening! (Reading such joyful news online was a welcome change today.) And thank you for sharing the whole story - I'd wondered how it had come to be!

    The photos are great. (I LOVE the family photo.) :-) I am so looking forward to seeing how you shape your land and what you produce. It's very exciting! The house is just beautiful. That porch swing looks so inviting and I bet will get decades of use. I'd show my husband your tractor, but he's have tractor envy. ;-) Was moving the chickens easy? I'm guessing you "brought the coop" with you when you moved instead of building another?

    I know, so many questions, LOL. I will not expect answers! I'm sure your story will come out in 2021 posts. I'll be here to enjoy! :-D

    Sending a congratulatory hug!

    1. Thank you Tracy! The porch swing was one our first additions to the house. The home I grew up in had a porch swing, and I had hoped to add one to a home of ours at some point. It's proving a very nice spot to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee and just watch things :)
      Yes, moving the coop and run was tricky. And all of the girls came along for the ride in our dog kennel. Actually on moving day, I had them in the dog crate, and our two cats in separate carriers. It all made for a very noisy and kinda stinky drive up to the new place!! But they are settled in and love the extra space to roam. At our old house, they were in a 10 x 10 run and always seemed content. Here we placed their run inside a larger fenced area that will become my veggie garden. So on rainy days, I keep them in the smaller run because it's covered, and on mild days I let them out into the larger area. They LOVE the extra space to roam. Sadly, my Buff Orpington. Butters, died last Sunday. She was out pecking around with the flock when I came home from church. But about 20 minutes later, she was dead. We're not really sure what happened. They have all been really healthy birds. So that was a very sad end to my day. The others are all totally fine and act as if nothing has happened. Very strange.
      We do plan to add to the flock this spring or fall. My guess is we will wait until fall because we will need to build a larger coop and run. Brandon and I are still trying to figure out where we want to place everything and building the shop and vegetable garden are big priorities for 2021 before anything else.

      PS The tractor was a gift from the church where Brandon has been interim pastor for the last year. How AWESOME is that! Such a great gift.

      PPS I will take that virtual congratulatory's about the only kind you can give right now anyways ;)

  2. Congrats Bekah! How exciting ~ wow, I loved how it all fell into place for you all. My sister lives in Port Orchard area. How many acres do you have with your new place? Look forward to many post of your new place.
    I love the porch and the swing! Blessings to you!!!

    1. Thank you! The home we purchased sits on 2.5 acres. We spoke with many friends who own property, and their common advice was that they wished they had only bought 2 to 3 acres. They were finding as they got older, that more acreage was proving difficult to keep up with. So we took their advice/wisdom and stuck within that range.
      We love the Puget Sound area! Your sister lives in a beautiful part of Washington. Our boys actually go to a church camp in the Port Orchard area each summer. Small world! We live in SW Washington, so a couple hours south of your sister.
      Thanks for visiting here!

    2. Understand! about 10 years ago we bought five acres, and it is more then I can care for. We are letting the back 3 grow up in trees...only focusing on two now. It is a small world!!

  3. Bekah, It is easy to see why you immediately fell in love with the new house, it is just beautiful and sits in such a pretty spot. Just met you but I am so excited for you. What a nice looking family you are and a black Lab too. How perfect. Congratulations!

    1. Yes, thank you! We are smitten with this place :)
      We had our family pictures done this late fall because our oldest needed senior photos for school. I figured to get them both done at the same time. It was nice to just be able to walk out our front door for the pictures! And, of course, our pup Sadie had to be in the pictures. She is part of the family after all. I don't think our kitties or our bunny felt too left out.
      Thank you for visiting here!

  4. Fantastic Bekah! I've been eagerly awaiting this post! How far was the move? When we moved from TN back to NY/PA we brought all our crew with us on the 12 hour drive. I had the two dogs and cat and the Mister had all the chickens with him. It was quite the scene.

    I love the house. It's just beautiful. And the porch swing is so cozy. I think every house should have a porch swing. Especially farm houses.

    I can't wait to see more pictures and to see what you do with the land.

    Congratulations! I love your story of finding your dream home.

  5. Oh what gorgeous light! Congratulations on the realization of a dream!