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A few projects have been keeping my hands busy this month. I joined Cerulean Orchid's Emoryi Shawl Crochet Along and have been enjoying this simple, yet striking pattern as it builds. I have come to a bit of a stand still in the project though as I am not happy with my third color choice. I think the blue I chose, while it goes overall with the other two colors, is not the best choice for this pattern. I feel like it needs a lighter color or a brighter color. Otherwise the whole thing will end up looking a little flat. I ordered another skein in a lighter shade of purple, so I will see how that goes when it arrives next week.

I also finished up a baby quilt to be given to a couple at church who are expecting their first little one next month. I love the scrappiness of this quilt. Looking at these pieces of fabrics, I see some that were given to me by a friend, others that have been used in past baby quilts, and even a few squares of leftover fabric from a dress I made for my niece eight years ago. Quilts like these are always the most enjoyable to work on because they bring back memories of other projects.

While my hands have been crocheting or stitching, I have been listening to some great books! I am following along with CraftLit's current season: Anne Bronte's Tenant of Wildfell Hall. This is a Bronte book that I have not read, and I am really enjoying listening to the story. I appreciate how Heather Ordover (podcast host) walks you through different aspects of the time period, author's life, important plot developments, and character traits to pay attention to as you listen. Another great listen was Quilt Fiction's reading of Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall. As for paper books, I read and enjoyed Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance and A Land of Sheltered Promise by Jane Kirkpatrick.

My boys and I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen over the last few months.  We've made pies and cookies and brownies, and yummy dinners, and bread! I have been tending a sourdough starter that has been producing some delicious loaves of bread for us. I swore I would not get another pet, but I feel like the keeping and feeding of a sourdough starter (which is very much like keeping a pet) has been worth it!

Our garden is doing well this spring. We pulled some of our first veggies and berries from the garden this week and have been cutting bouquets of peonies for a couple weeks now. Next to bloom will be the jasmine and hydrangeas. And next to pick should be the blackberries and blueberries. The strawberries we have picked so far (our season is just starting this week) have been delicious! I think we'll be making another strawberry pie tomorrow with some of the berries.

After many weeks of not seeing any of my friends in person, I broke the rules and got together for some one-on-one walks with close friends. I am very blessed to have the amazing family I have. My guys are great complaints here! But, I have missed getting together with a girlfriend and just chatting. Sometimes about current projects, books we are reading, new plants for the garden, or nothing really at all. So getting out a handful of times for a walk with a girlfriend has been a real treasure for me these last few weeks.

I hope this finds you well. That your days have been filled with both productive time and creative time. That you have found ways to connect with family and friends either in person, over the phone or through online platforms like Zoom. And, I hope that you have had some beautiful spring weather to soak up. Fresh air and sunshine is such a game changer!

Goodbye for now,

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  1. Your peonies are beautiful! I really must get some for my garden. I think you might be right about needing more of a contrast colour in your crochet.

    1. Thank you! I've been thinking about adding more...but ones in a deeper pink/fuchsia color. That is if I can find the space in the garden for them!
      The new yarn I ordered should be here tomorrow. I hope it provides the contrast I'm looking for. It can be hard to purchase for color from online stores.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a wonderful week :)

  2. Bekah! I can feel the love and beauty in this post! All the pictures are amazing. That shawl is swoon worthy. It sounds as if you are doing well and taking everything in stride. I've always heard about craft lit but I've never actually listened to anything. But the Bronte book sounds really good. I listened to Hillbilly Elegy but have a completely different opinion than most people do about that book. Maybe we should make it a book club read and discussion? Whatever happened to that book discussion idea I had and started? Sigh...

    I'm glad you are doing well!

    1. I think I keep telling you about CraftLit ;) She's in your neck of the woods. You really should check it out. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall begins on episode 516 of the Podcast.
      I would love to hear your thoughts about Hillbilly Elegy. I thought it was an interesting read. But honestly, my favorite part was his grandmother! She sounded like an amazing, strong, stubborn and yet soft woman. And, in real life, she probably would have intimidated me!
      Online book clubs are hard to keep going. Don't stress over it. It's not like you haven't had anything else to do :)
      Have a great week Kristin!

  3. What a lovely post, Bekah. :-) And you certainly have been busy! I feel like I'm drifting... after work I'm just so drained these days. (Big work projects/deadlines, bleck!)

    Anyhow, the quilt is just lovely. I do not have a sew-worthy, stitch-worthy, knit-worthy, or quilt-worthy bone in my body, but I really admire quilters and their work. I LOVE the idea of you creating this story-filled blanket for the baby-to-be. Sort of like you are blessing the little bundle with all of these memories and stories upon the first wrapping. :-) Powerful.

    "Ants open the peonies," my grandfather told me. I remember watching the ants crawl the tight ball-buds with my "Gramps" and his gardening stories and wisdom. He was a farmer before I was born, and when the farm failed, he moved to a small town where after a stint truck-driving, spent about 20 years in retirement working in a greenhouse until he was 79. Your beautiful peony made me think of him (and how much I miss him 25+ years after he left this earth). :-) Thank you.

    Be good to yourself and take good care. Thank you for posting your "slice of life" photos! :-)

    1. Funny how certain things bring back memories of others. Fabrics, Flowers, Foods, etc. I'm glad the peony reminded you of your Gramps. It sounds like your grandfather was an amazing man. I've always noticed the ants on our peonies, but I have never taken the time to look into what their relationship really is with each other. Something to look into!
      I have had those days too of just feeling like one day rolled into another that rolled into another these last couple of months. There seems to be no true definition to some days. But when you look back, you see what's been accomplished! It's easy to forget what's been done. For the month of April, my boys and I wrote down our daily goals in a spiral notebook. They were simple things like chores, take the dog on a walk, workout, school assignments, bake bread, try new recipe, plant peas, etc. At the end of the month, it was amazing to look back and see what we had done with our days!
      I hope things settle down for you at work. I imagine when your day is filled with big projects and deadlines, you just want to sit and stare at a wall at the end of the day! Too much. I hope you successfully finish up your projects and find a little margin in your days to just breath.

  4. Hi Bekah, I am the weirdo that tried hard to join the craft night with Kristen. I am sorry I was so all over the place while you guys were crafting. Had truly hoped to sit down calmly and work on my bunting but LIFE. My daughter and granddaughters popped in for dinner and my husband had just received news that a relative had died. So we were all over the place. I am pretty crazy even on calm days but yesterday was over the top. Wanted to record the session, too, but that didn't work out either. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. To visit your beautiful neck of the woods. And to apologize for being so loony tunes.
    Glad you were able to visit/walk with a few girl friends. This has been such a difficult time. I have a yeast starter that is about 100 years old...speaking of which, I need to make bread!! They are like having a pet. Got a kick out of that comparison.

    Nice to meet you last night. Will be back again to visit.

    1. It was great to meet you too, and I imagine I will see you on another craft along night! I think chaos and crazy are part of the definition that makes up families :) Glad you were able to spend time with yours last night. I imagine having your daughter and granddaughter over for dinner was especially nice for you and your husband considering the news he received.
      Thanks for visiting me here!