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Vegetable Jail

There are slugs, aphids, squirrels, birds, cabbage moths and a dozen other pests that we try to keep out of our gardens. And then there are the pests that aren't really pests. They are your pets...and yet they can become pests. 
This spring as I have been trying to outsmart the slugs and aphids at their game, I have also been waging a battle with my own pets as pests. They can look so cute and unassuming while they sleep in the sun or pose for a picture. But then when you catch them a couple hours staring at you from the middle of your vegetable bed, they are not such cute little furballs. 

Because of our pets' naughty behavior, this has become my gardening reality. Fencing whipped up out of odds and ends found around our yard. It's not pretty. I want to look out at my veggie beds and see all of the seedlings cropping up. I do not want to see a mini vegetable jail. Because I refused to spend money on fencing to keep the cats out, I ended up utilizing the three different types of fencing that I had stashed in my shed. This will never be a cover photo of Sunset magazine, but it has worked.

Mostly. Now the pup has discovered that she can gently pull the snap peas from the trellis and nip them off one by one. Does your dog like to eat snap peas as well? I think I have lost my entire crop to her. Pests are part of any garden. We just don't like to look out and see our pets playing the role of pest. But it is the reality at times. Isn't it?
How do you deal with your lovable pets wrecking havoc on your vegetable garden? Have you found a foolproof way to grow your veggies and keep all of the furry critters out?

Happy Gardening (with your pets),