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Family Gift Making

A number of years ago, I can't even remember quite how many now, our family adopted the tradition of making a Christmas gift for extended family members. Throughout the year, we look for ideas of things we could make to gift to grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family friends. Often we will see something in a gift shop or craft store and find ways to make it ourselves. We have made candle holders, cutting boards, soaps, custom string art, crocheted or sewn items, birdhouses, and many, many other items. Over the last few years, we have fallen into a pattern of the guys (my husband and our two boys) crafting a wood project, and I will create something to go along with it. 
Last year we made the gifts you see above. (I couldn't possibly show you this year's gifts...we might have some family members trying to sneak a peek!) The guys made these beautiful trivets with brass nails, and I sewed up some pot holders and dish towels. While we do end up making about thirteen packages for different family members, they do not all end up the same. We might choose different designs or fabrics based on the family member receiving the gift. This is one way to make the gift a bit more personalized. 
This year there has been a bit of a crunch to get out projects completed. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was shorter, our family Christmas party is being held a few days before Christmas, and the boys' school break won't begin until the 23rd. So, we have all been finding spare time here and there to finish up our gifts. The saw has been running, the sewing machine has been humming, and the boys are pitching in when they're available. I can't wait to wrap them up and present them! 
Are you a gift maker as well? What types of gifts are you making this year?