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Claiming a Weekend

We rolled from an amazing summer, to the beginning of the school year, to a weekend long celebration of my sister and her now husband's wedding day. So when this weekend came around, we claimed it as our own. We had very, very few plans. Well, really our plan was to relax and enjoy a weekend at home. And that is exactly what we did.
Our weekends always begin by gathering with friends for a church service on Friday evening. While I was prepping for my kids' class Friday afternoon, I decided to bake a spiced apple cake for our evening service. This was a good chance to put a dent in the apples we had picked in Hood River a few weeks back. I frosted the cake with a maple buttercream frosting...delicious! It's nice to begin a weekend with friends and cake!
On Saturday morning, my husband and I attended a workshop on Wild Edibles that a local community group was hosting. Learning what can be eaten in the natural areas surrounding us has been a personal goal of mine for awhile. I have checked out numerous books from the library over the years, and the class this weekend reinforced what I have begun to learn. I think my next step in this area would be to attend a class that takes you on a walk through the woods and shows you what can and cannot be eaten. I think seeing the plants and berries in real life, instead of in a photo, will help it all stick in my head a little better.
Having a weekend at home allowed for plenty of down time. I was able to continue work on knitting my sweater and also begin a new baby quilt. Some friends of ours are adopting a new little one very soon, and I would love to have a quilt ready to gift to them. Hopefully I will finish up the quilt this week. We also spent a lovely evening outside chatting around a fire. The next day was raining, and we found ourselves inside sipping coffee and chatting in front of the fire. I even found an hour to spend napping on the couch with my sister's pup Auggie who is visiting us while his parents are on their honeymoon.
Sunday began with a yummy breakfast of waffles drizzled in apple syrup I had canned a few weeks ago, and dinner was fresh baked bread and beef stew. Football played in the background, while I worked away on my quilt. One of our boys finished a book he had been reading, and the other tackled a bit of homework. It was a good ending to our weekend.
In the weekends to come, we have volunteer events, birthday parties and trips out of town. But, I hope we can also continue to claim some down time as well. It is so wonderful to block out some days on the calendar for nothing more than to spend it at home with family. I hope you are able to do the same.    


  1. Hi Bekah! Oh, how wonderful that you got to enjoy a nice weekend of some relaxing. Good for you!

    So who is the pretty black kitty? A four-legged family member, or a furry visitor?

    I've always wanted to take a wild mushroom foraging class - my husband is very much against it, he's convinced I'll be poisoned - because I think it would be so much fun to learn. But, I suppose for my husband's peace of mind, I'll just enjoy other people's stories! :-) You will have to post about your experience when you take the foraging class!

    Even in your busy upcoming weeks, I hope you still find time to relax. :-)

    1. Hello Tracy! That fluffy ball of fur is one of our kitties, Mr. Bubs. He likes to hang around in the garden with me when I am out there.
      I can understand your husband's unease about mushroom foraging, because I know there are very poisonous mushrooms out there that look just like the edible ones. Where we live, I know that we have chanterelles and morels that are supposed to be fairly easy to identify. So hopefully I will get to the point of being comfortable finding those. I know that there is a class offered here locally in foraging, and they take you through some local woodlands. I just need to keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, we compromised by trying to grow some of our own. We had modest luck with growing Oyster mushrooms and very good luck with the King Stropharia (or Red Wine Cap) mushrooms.
      And, yes, we will continue to find time to relax and enjoy our family/home/garden. All of the work is not worth it if we don't take the time to slow down and enjoy it!
      Have a fantastic week! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Bekah! What a wonderful weekend! Everything sounds fantastic, and delicious! And congratulations to your sister. I, too, hope you have some time for down time. And I love the colors of the baby quilt. I do some foraging but I would also like to learn more. There are lots of classes around me but they tend to be expensive. I do think that having someone walk with you and show you things is the best way to learn. I also know there are lots of apps now that can help identify plants as well. I haven't used one yet, but I keep meaning to download one and start using it (cross referencing it though to make sure it's 100% accurate). Anyway, I hope you find a class and continue with your learning about wild edibles!

    1. Thanks Kristin! I can't wait to send the quilt along to my friend and meet her little one. I should be able to quilt and bind it this coming weekend. I had a quilting day with a friend this week and and was able to finish the quilt top!
      I know there are quite a few plant ID apps, but I haven't checked any out either! If you find a good one, let me know!

    2. I just started using "Seed" by iNaturalist and it's pretty good so far! I would recommend it at this stage, although I've only used it a couple of times. If I remember when I walk Anna today I'll try to use it again and see how it does on several species.