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Summer Knitting on the Back Deck

I hadn't thought I had made much progress on my sweater this month, until I looked at photos of where I was last month. I might just be wearing it this winter, if I keep working at this rate. That is an exciting thought, and it keeps me plugging along. I have found the perfect time for knitting this summer is in the afternoon on my back deck. 
If I am not sitting on the deck knitting, you will probably find me there reading. This month I re-read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I read this years ago when it first came out, and I loved it then. Netflix released a movie based on this book last year, and it was beautifully filmed. Watching the movie made me want to read the book all over again. I happened to find a copy of it in our library's second hand book section, so I picked it up to read. I loved this book just as much the second time around!
One other book I have been enjoying this month is Anne of Green Gables. I had read it when I was younger, and it has been fun to come back to it as an adult. Instead of reading it though, I have been listening to an audio version of it presented on Craft Lit. I had never listened to any of the classic literature recorded on Craft Lit before, so this has been a treat! I love that Heather leads you into each chapter with information that might be helpful to know...defining no longer used terms, explaining social customs of the period, etc. And the woman who narrates each chapter has the perfect storytelling voice for Anne of Green Gables. This podcast is a perfect combination of an English class and book club. I am really enjoying it!

Here is where you will find me in the afternoons! Our back deck is covered, so I can sit in the shade and knit or read quite comfortably. I have a few potted plants set out on the deck this year, and they are filling in nicely. My husband had taken the time to refinish our deck furniture last month, so everything is looking really nice. 

This Astrantia flower (or Masterwort) came home with me one afternoon this month after I had a mammogram. It seemed appropriate that after a procedure like that, one should be rewarded. So I picked up a cappuccino and headed to the nursery. I bought three of these plants, one pink and two white. They are all planted near the back deck so that I can appreciate their beautiful flowers.

A few years ago, we shortened our deck which allowed me to increase this ornamental bed. I am loving all of the layers and different shades of green as the different flowers, shrubs and trees mature. Thankfully most of these plants have proven to be tolerant of our dog Sadie walking through them.

At the corner post of our deck is this Jasmine. My boys bought it for me as a Mother's Day gift seven or eight years ago. It started out as a small vine about two feet tall, and now it has grown to the top of the post and is inching it's way along both sides of the roof line. If you look at the top of the Jasmine, you will see a small, red birdhouse. This spring we had a pair of chickadees nesting in there. It was fun to watch the pair of birds flit back and forth, first building their next and then bringing food for their young. The three little chickadees fledged in June, and we were lucky enough to be home to watch it happen. What clumsy little fluffballs they were!
I am loving my afternoons on the back deck. It's a peaceful spot to hangout by myself or with family or friends. How about you? Do you have a favorite spot to sit and knit or read on a summer afternoon?
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  1. I listened to Guernsey and it was one of those that was just really well done! I loved everything about it. I haven't watched the movie yet though. It's on my list on Netflix but I'm always concerned that the movie won't be as good as the book and I'll be disappointed. One day though I'll dive in!

    I've heard of Craft Lit but haven't listened to anything. You have me intrigued by it. And your afternoons on the deck sound wonderful!

    1. I was wondering as I read the novel, how it would work as an audio book. Did they use different narrators for the different letter writers? You'll have to let me know what you think of the movie!

  2. Lovely post! My favourite spot is my balcony, that's the place where I love reading,sewing or crocheting...

    1. I bet your balcony is a wonderful spot for creativity! Thanks for visiting my blog!!