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A Spring Woodland Walk

In the last couple of weeks, I have managed to head to these trails twice. Once on a walk with my friend and once for an evening stroll on my birthday. These trails are only 15 minutes from our home, and they are always beautiful to walk through no matter the time of year.

The trail systems here loops around and crisscross each other many times, which means that I have yet to walk these trails the same way twice. But that doesn't matter. It is always a pleasant walk regardless of which trail I land on. This time of year the Trillium where all in bloom. There were many white blooms and a few pink ones as well. Trillium are part of the Lily family and are pollinated by ants. Did you know that there are 38 different Trillium species in the United States? However, most are found in the eastern states. To read more about Trillium, the US Forest Service has some great information.

Of course one would find slugs and snails on a spring walk in the Pacific Northwest! We saw many, many of our native Banana slugs, which are the largest slug in North America. But, we also saw some large snails along the trail.

The woodland floor was covered with a variety of greenery. It was so lush and beautiful to look at. The Trillium, Fringecup, Ferns, and other Saxifrage family plants carpeted the ground alongside the trails. Mixed in with all of these plants were the soft green leaves of the Inside-Out Flower, whose leaves resemble those of a duck's foot.  

When my husband and I walked through these woods on the evening of my birthday, the setting sun was shining through the fern fronds. 

What a special place just minutes from our house. When you are on these trails, you forget that you are a short drive back to the noise of the city and its neighborhoods. It is so quiet and peaceful here.
How about you? Do you have a little escape just minutes from your home?

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