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Yarn Along ~ April

I have been picking my way through quite a few books this last month. I am the type of reader who always has more than one book going at a time. I find that I like to read non-fiction books during the day when I am more awake, and fiction in the evenings before bed. Although with the boys on Spring Break this week, I have had more time to relax and read both fiction and non-fiction during the day. 

I began reading Kay Warren's book "Sacred Privilege" earlier this year for a book study with a few other wives of pastors. It has been a decent read, and honestly many of the topics she covers could apply to any Christian -- Taking Care of Yourself, Helping Your Children Survive and Thrive, Accepting Who You Are, etc. But it is certainly written with a bent toward being a pastor's wife. What I have enjoyed more out of the reading of this book is the discussion that has occurred during our book study. Regardless of these women's time in ministry, size of church congregation, denominational affiliation...we have found a common bond as the wives of pastors. It's been a great time spent with these women, and I will be sad to wrap up our study this next week.

Another book I have been reading this month is Steve Corbett and Brian Fikhert's "When Helping Hurts: How to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor and yourself." This is a book my husband had read and highly recommended to me. The authors have broken this book up into three parts: foundational concepts about the poor, general principles for helping, and practical strategies for helping without hurting both domestically and internationally. I look forward to talking through this book with my husband while I read it.

Verlyn Klinkenborg's "The Rural Life" was a book I picked up for fifty cents at a library book sale. It is a collection of short writings categorized by the months of the year and focuses on Klinkenborg's observations of the natural world and changing seasons in rural, upstate New York. I have been reading the monthly sections as each new month rolls around. This is one of those books that will stay on my shelf and be picked up many times throughout the years to re-read different sections. I have really enjoyed his writing style.

The book that has taken up residence on my nightstand is Helen Simonson's "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand." I am about a third of the way through this novel, and I am really enjoying the characters. The two main characters are Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali. They begin an unlikely friendship, due to each of them coming from different social circles, stemming from a love of literature and a shared experience of being widowers. Because Major Pettigrew has a long family history of being English and Mrs. Ali is viewed as a 'foreigner' by those in their village, their friendship is not considered acceptable by village society. I have a feeling I will end up liking this book very much. 

My current knitting project is a sweater for myself. It is The Weekender pattern by Drea Renee Knits. I think this will take me most of this year to complete, since I am a very slow knitter. I also will admittedly set a project down for weeks (or months) and start something else. So far it is knitting up very nicely, but I think I am in the 'easy' stage of the pattern! I have yet to hit the sleeves or neckline. This will be the first sweater I have knit for myself, and I am a bit nervous about how it will all turn out. But, it's all about the process...right? Learning as I go along. I have a feeling I will be dropping into my local yarn store for advice when I get to the next stage of the pattern. I will keep you posted on my progress.

What have you been reading this month? Any good titles?

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