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A Quilty Week

This last week, my friend Heather and I went to a local quilt show. There were so many wonderful quilts to view there! Quilters have no end to what they can do with fabric and thread. This wall hanging was very colorful, and I liked how they used fabric to create a realistic picture. It reminded me of my own dog and our kitties always sitting on the fence taunting her. 

There was an entire length of the quilt show devoted to quilts that depicted a fairy tale. These quilts were made by quilters from around the world. Most of the fairy tales were ones I was familiar with, but there were a few I had not heard of before. My favorite was this one of "Little Red Riding Hood." I loved the simplicity of it and that you instantly knew which tale was being told. 

There were also many traditionally pieced quilts at the show. I loved the colors used in this quilt and the bold star shape, which is why I initially took a photo of the quilt. But when I got home and was flipping through the pictures I took, I realized that there was more to the quilt. At first glance, I had not noticed that the quilt pattern starts with a very small star in the upper right and then builds to bigger and bigger stars. How creative! I think this would make a fun baby quilt to try and make in the future. 

This week I also finished my last block for the Hand Pieced Quilt Along hosted by Elm Street Quilts and Simple. Handmade. Everyday.  I am happy with how this one turned out. I will be happier when I dig out my bottle of Best Press and starch this block so it's less wonky! Now it is time to begin adding the sashing to the blocks. Unfortunately while I was cutting the strips for sashing, I found I was two inches short of the white-on-white background print I had used throughout the blocks. So now I am trying to come up with a back up plan. If this week's Quilt Show taught me's that quilters are creative.

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  1. Your block looks great! Thanks for linking up with the Hand Pieced QAL!