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Stitching and ....

As I picked away at my quilt block this week, I realized how many times I was stitching while doing something else. Obviously it is easy to work on a hand project while watching a movie or TV. And, if you wanted, any handwork could be brought out to work on while having coffee with a friend. But, I found myself working on it most often this week at the kitchen counter. Earlier this week I had made a big batch of turkey broth, so I wanted to can some of it. When pressure canning, it is important to stay in the kitchen so you can monitor the canner. This made for a perfect time to work on my block for the Hand Pieced Quilt Along.

My son also had a friend over this week to cook dinner. And, while the teens are very competent in the kitchen, it is nice to be within earshot if they have a question. So, I set myself up at the kitchen counter with my sewing and got quite a bit done while they cooked dinner. I was then able to sit down to a steak dinner with roasted potatoes and asparagus...that I didn't have to cook!

After a week of stitching and watching a movie, stitching and canning, stitching and visiting with a friend, stitching and supervising teens, I have a finished block! It was nice to be able to blend some creative time with other activities. 
How about you? Do you find that you can blend some of your creative pursuits with your daily activities?


  1. That is also what I've enjoyed about learning to hand piece - it's so portable! Your block is so pretty! I like the colors you've chosen.

    1. Thank you! I had always looked to knitting or crochet as my portable crafts, but I have found I really like hand piecing. No stitch counting! Kind of sad that we are nearing the end of the QAL.

  2. Great block! Thanks for linking up to the Hand PIeced QAL.