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It's been one of those perfect spring week's here in the Pacific Northwest. One where there are a few days of warm sunshine separated by a day of rain. That combination of sunny days and rain make for easy working in the garden. The bonus of it all was that my schedule allowed for multiple days of being outside this week. I tried to soak up as much of the outside time as I possibly could. 

While out on my daily walks, the air smelled so fresh. All of the flowering cherry and plum trees are in bloom. They have such a nice light scent. The daffodils are finishing their blooms, and the tulips are gearing up to bloom next. The lilacs are starting to bud out and will be blooming later in April. You can't help but breathe deep and smile. 

Living in the suburbs often means living on smaller lots. Which means that I can't possibly grow every tree/shrub/flower in my own landscape. So, I am thankful that my neighbors have many of my favorites in their gardens, so I can enjoy them on my walks. There are multiple camellias in bloom throughout our neighborhood right now. Many of them are the common pink variety, but then there is this red beauty. 

Our warm Spring weather has also brought up some of the new plants I had added to the front garden last year. However, I do not remember what some of them are! For example, I can remember where I bought this plant and even who I was with...but I do not remember what it is. I am waiting for it to bloom, so I can identify it. I am sure there will be others popping up soon that will need to be identified as well. Maybe this is the year that I map out my garden?

Not only have the bees come back to the garden, but the garter snakes as well. I found a couple of these little guys under my Japanese Laceleaf Maple this week. The warmer weather seems to have brought them out of hibernation. I hope they are hungry and gobble up all of the slugs that are also out in the garden!
So far, Spring has been off to a great start here in my garden. I have added a new strawberry bed as well as some new perennials. There is still some clean up to do throughout the garden and a bit of pruning. But all of that will get done in time. How has your Spring been? Have you been enjoying sunny afternoons and time outside?

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