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QAL Week Two

This is the second week of the Hand Pieced Quilt along hosted by Elm Creek Quilts and Simple. Handmade. Everyday. It is surprising how it truly can take a week to produce one, simple block. Life can have you running in many directions, and finding time to sit and stitch can be a challenge. Yet, I keep finding that I am able to sneak in those moments each day. Hand piecing is such a simple process that does not require many tools or much space...or even much time. Five or ten minutes each day, and my block is completed in a few days time!

This week's block incorporates half-square triangles. I love half-square triangles because they can be laid out in a variety of ways and each time you have a completely different look! I also appreciate that you can cut the blocks just a smidge bigger than suggested and trim them down to the perfect size for the given pattern. 

I kept laying the little blocks out each step of the way to make sure I had all of those little triangles facing the correct way. 

While stitching this week, I have been listening to a story on The QuiltFiction Podcast called "Friendship Album: 1933." In short, this book is about a group of women from different social circles who form a quilting bee and end up creating a very close friendship with each other. I have really enjoyed this story, and I love that it is available as a podcast so I can listen while I sew. It's the best of both worlds being able to use my hands for sewing and continue on with a story at the same time! 

The blocks really do build quite nicely over little bits of time. Listening to this story has made me wish for a bee of sorts. Maybe not specifically for quilting. But, time set aside regularly to gather with a group friends and craft. I should put a date on the calendar and call on some crafty friends. Any good ideas will only remain ideas unless an action is taken! 

Here is the finished block for week two! The tutorial for block three came out yesterday, so it is time to pick fabrics and cut the pieces for the next block. It is not too late to join this Hand Pieced Quilt Along. We are only beginning the third of nine blocks!

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  1. Great block. Thanks for linking up to the Hand Pieced QAL link-up.